How to increase Adsense cpc (cost per click) in 5 steps

Adsense recently announced, they are going to increase their site approval and approve more local language sites. With the release of a recent update, many websites are using AdSense as their go-to monetization platform. But many of our clients complained their cpc is getting lower day by day.

After researching through many years of Adsense data and working with thousands of clients, we have some secrets that y’all can use for increasing your CPC and increase your Adsense revenue by 50% CONFIRMED.

1.Target High Quality Countries (Or not)

You may think USA, UK, Japan and many other european countries have high cpc. Well you are wrong. As you all know we have a course called “Adsense Arbitrage” , In this course we have to harvest thousands of data, and also show ads to almost all the countries. The fact is that sometimes, USA , UK’s cpc are $0.15-0.20 which are good but not the best if you are buying the traffic at a high price and selling at the same price.
But Some countries like Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Albania have high cpc despite they are considered 2nd or 3rd tire countries.
Also some of our client’s main business is ridden in their native language like Hindi, urdu or German and they are making quite good money with targeting low tier countries. So if you are targeting content only for high cpc countries you should think again which countries are offering you high cpc and which country’s keywords are easy to rank. 

2. Block Invalid Traffic and low-quality spam traffic

Invalid traffic or bot traffic is something many Adsense publishers have to deal with on a daily basis. Invalid traffic is that traffic that came to your site and without reading anything it clicks on the ad and then took off. Both your website and your advertiser’s website have at least 100% bounce rate.

Because of such low conversion or 0 to none conversion, your traffic are considered invalid and Adsense will fetch very low quality and low cpc ads.

The remedy is actually to block the invalid traffic altogether. One useful way you can use is to build your website’s authority so that the only traffic you get are from search engines are they are genuinely good traffic.

You can use our WordPress plugin called “Adsense protector“, Our wp plugin is a patent-pending plugin. Meaning no-one in the market is offering what we are offering. it can block any kind of invalid traffic from your website. and increase your CPC dramatically. 

3. Keep and eye on your returning visitors

Build your blogging or news information business in such a way that at least 30% of your traffic is returning. In that way you are building your own bubble of people or community. Adsense will see that people are constantly coming to your site and it will build your SEO ranking and make your site as an authority in that niche. And by all means, more advertisers will advertise in your website and your CPC will increase.

4. Pick high paying cpc niche

It’s a kind of myth that certain keywords are high paying CPC. well, it’s 50/50. During our extensive research, we found that Google actually knows what kind of users are the most valuable. Let’s say you create a blogging website based on Porsche’s car. The people who are interested in buying Porsche they are also very wealthy people, and quite often they search for a business, investment, and many other money-making opportunities.
So you can actually increase your CPC by Slidely writing for a very specific but high-quality niche.

Hope you find this article useful. let us know in the comment what you think.


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