Full Guide to Google AdSense CPC, CTR, CPM / RPM & Earnings with Best Rates in 147 Countries

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In this Full Guide to AdSense CPC, CTR, CPM/RPM, Coverage and Earnings, you will learn all you need to know about these terms and to optimize your ads and improve your CTR. I will also explain what each ad type is and how they impact your earnings. 

You will also learn about keywords and their importance to your revenue. Then, I will show you how to optimize your ads so that they will yield a higher revenue.

adsense cpc

Google AdSense CPC

The cost-per-click, or CPC, is the amount paid per click by a company when a consumer clicks on their ad. This cost is determined by the advertiser, who may be willing to pay more for each click than others. The average AdSense CPC for insurance ads on Google AdWords is about $17, so insurance companies will most likely be willing to pay more for the same number of clicks.

AdSense CPC is a crucial factor to maximize your revenue. It depends on the content of your website and the platform on which it’s delivered. Mobile devices don’t produce as much revenue as desktop computers.

AdSense is a program created by Google that enables publishers to display ads on their website. Its algorithm determines which advertisers to place on your website based on the content and audience. Advertisers pay you for every click that a visitor makes. 

The CPC is the amount you’ll get per click, which will vary depending on the type of ads you publish. The majority of advertisers pay between two and four percent of the revenue.

Increasing Google AdSense CPC

To increase your CPC, make sure your website has enough content. Otherwise, you’ll have a higher chance of getting irrelevant or public ads. Moreover, too much content will lead to a lower CPC overall. 

Many people find that placing just one or two ad blocks on a page with short content yields better results. This way, your ads will be focused and therefore, your average CPC will be higher.

1. Keyword Research for High AdSense CPC

You can improve your AdSense earnings with the help of the right keywords. To increase your AdSense CPC and click-through rate, you need to use keywords that have high CPC. Fortunately, you can do this with keyword research tools. 

For Example, SEMrush’s Organic Research tool helps you find high-value keywords that people are already searching for. This will allow you to target them in your AdSense pages. It is important to note that you have to design your pages around the keywords you’ve found.

2. Be an Authority for a Niche

AdSense CPC is dependent on the niche of your website. For instance, if your niche is very competitive, you’ll have a high CPC, which means that you need to spend extra money to get targeted traffic. 

Target the right niche, enrich your content with authority, and be an authority website in the niche. All of these elements will help you increase your CPC and increase your click-through-rate (CTR).

Don’t mix up different niches so that Google will display multiple ads with high CPC. Google is not stupid and this can cause ad serving limits or even ban.

Following are 14 best paying niches of the current year:

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Automobiles
  5. Google Products
  6. Blogs on Domain providers like Hostinger, NameCheap, etc.
  7. Cryptocurrency
  8. Cooking Recipes
  9. Pet Animals
  10. Tech Products
  11. Real Estate
  12. Dating & Personal
  13. Industrial and Commercial
  14. Travel

3. Number of advertisers

The number of advertisers on your site will affect the CPC of your ads. Typically, the higher the number of advertisers on your site, the higher the CPC. If you have a website with many visitors, it’s important to have a high AdSense CPC so that your ads are visible to as many visitors as possible. This is one of the main benefits of AdSense. 

The program requires no application from publishers, and it works by targeting ads based on the content and audience of your website. The ad formats and quality are also good.

Asia and Oceania are expected to have the highest CPC on Google AdSense in 2022. With more than a billion Internet users, Asia and Oceania are expected to be among the top markets for advertisers. 

Websites targeting countries in these regions will earn higher Adsense CPC, while websites focusing on Asian or US internet users will earn lower CPC. This is called smart pricing by Google. These countries will continue to increase their share of the global ad market.

4. SEO

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing the content of web pages so that they become more relevant to keyword phrases. The more relevant a page is to a specific search term, the more likely it will be to be clicked on by a searcher.

5. Budget

Generally speaking, a small to medium sized business will spend between $9000 and $10,000 on Google Ads, but that amount does not include the cost of software and other expenses. 

Google Ads are effective advertising solutions for small and medium sized businesses, and the most important part of your budget is determining how much you’re willing to spend on Adsense CPC (cost per click). While many advertisers find that the low CPC allows them to achieve a high ROI, others find that it hampers their business’s ROI. 

Luckily, it’s possible to control your CPC budget by setting a maximum budget.

To set a Google Ads CPC budget, you’ll need to set a daily average and monthly maximum. The higher your quality score is, the more money you’ll be able to spend. 

It’s also possible to set a budget that’s higher than the average for a single day. However, that doesn’t mean you should set your bids super low. Manual bidding is a good option if you’d like to set a maximum CPC for an ad group. 

Manual bidding is an option that allows you to set a different CPC for each keyword in a single ad group.

6. Geo-Location Matters!

According to recent studies, Asia and Oceania will have the highest Google AdSense CPC by 2022. The region has more than one billion people and many online shoppers and ad click enthusiasts.

adsense cpc countries

Below are all the countries with their current AdSense CPC by 2022. If you want to make the most money on your ads, you should consider focusing on these countries. The best for AdSense CPC are the top 15 countries.

Sr #


Max. CTR (%)

Max. CPC (USD)

2United States0.760.63
4United Kingdom1.070.5
8New Zealand1.220.35
15South Africa1.140.28
27Puerto Rico1.410.18
30United Arab Emirates1.380.17
33U.S. Virgin Islands3.860.16
34Côte d’Ivoire0.70.15
35Hong Kong0.950.15
39Costa Rica0.460.14
43Cayman Islands0.690.13
45Dominican Republic1.130.13
56South Korea0.830.12
58Saudi Arabia1.650.11
69Trinidad & Tobago1.420.09
79Sierra Leone1.30.08
84Congo – Kinshasa0.950.07
89Myanmar (Burma)1.190.07
91American Samoa21.440.06
94Cape Verde2.390.06
105Solomon Islands4.360.06
109Congo – Brazzaville1.920.05
119Papua New Guinea0.620.05
122Sri Lanka0.670.05
131Caribbean Netherlands1.840.04
140St. Lucia0.710.04
141Burkina Faso3.340.03
142French Polynesia8.340.03

It is important to remember that CPC stands for cost per click or cost per thousand page impressions. This is an important number for AdSense advertisers because they want good conversions from their campaigns. 

A high CPC means high click-through-rates and good conversion rates. In countries with high CPC, you can see good conversion rates and can afford to pay more for your advertising. You can also try Facebook ads in these countries if you have a low CPC.

7. Automatic bidding

If you’re looking for a more effective way to bid for your Google AdSense campaigns, consider automated bidding strategies. Automated bidding can be highly effective for boosting your CTR, CVR, and even your CPA.

One of the biggest benefits of automatic bidding is the fact that it can automatically set bids based on the likely results of a particular campaign. When you decide to use automated bidding for your Google Ads campaign, Google will set your bid amount based on factors like the user’s location, age, gender, and time of day. 

There are even portfolio bid strategies that group several campaigns or ad groups into one strategy. You can then apply that strategy to all of these groups.

The Maximize Conversion Value (MCV) bidding strategy can be applied across multiple campaigns, keywords, and ad groups. By implementing historical data and additional information, it can calculate the highest CPC bid, while still staying within your budget. 

This type of automated bidding strategy has the added advantage of leveraging full smart bidding machine learning to achieve the best results without going over budget.

Automated bidding is an effective choice for businesses that have the budget but lack the time to manually manage their campaigns. 

Automated bidding allows you to create and manage thousands of keywords and ad groups. This allows you to focus your time on other tasks. You can use your time to create other types of ads, or use your time to create new ones. 

You can also select from a range of different automated bidding strategies and choose the one that best suits your business’s needs and goals.

8. Types of Ads and Placement

Image and Video Ads have more Adsense CPC than simple text ads. Google has now offered Multiplex Ads which work like Native Ads and also offers more CPC. However, this also requires related and niche specific content on your website. 

Furthermore, placement of ads in suitable spaces on your website is also very much important. For example, google offers high CPC on ads that are placed on the start of the page.

9. AdSense companion tools

Nowadays, many AdSense companion tools are available for best placing ads on a site and these tools automatically, through artificial intelligence try to increase your Adsense CPC and CTR thereby considerably increasing revenue of your site. 

These tools include Ezoic, AdPushup, Ad.plus, publift etc.

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Let’s discuss CTR, another parameter of Google AdSense which is also of prime importance when discussing CPC.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

To calculate CTR, you must first understand what this metric means. The higher your CTR, the more likely your ads are to convert. AdSense advertisers pay a higher cost per click if their ads are highly relevant and helpful to viewers. 

While high AdSense CPC and CTR levels can be helpful in optimizing your keywords, they can also lead to higher cost-per-view (CPM) and ad impressions, which may increase your advertising expenses. 

Moreover, you must keep in mind that Google may charge you more if your ads are highly relevant to your visitors. 

As per Google AdSense Help Center, page CTR can be calculated using the following formula:

Page CTR = (Clicks / Page Views) * 100

CTR will measure the effectiveness of ads that are relevant to your niche audience.

How to Increase Your Google AdSense CTR

To maximize your click-through rate, Google AdWords offers various tools that allow you to increase your ad’s CTR. These tools include Keyword suggestion, Relevance of ads to the content of a page, and Templates.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful AdSense account is having the highest possible CTR. Google’s customers, the advertisers, want to get the most out of their advertising budget, and they want to make sure that their advertisements are converting visitors into customers. 

A low CTR may mean that your audience is not interested in your topic. Here are some tips to increase your CTR. Boost your CTR with AdSense!

It is critical for advertisers to understand the difference between a high CTR and a low CTR, and to make use of these factors when placing ads on your website. 

While you must avoid drawing attention to your ads – this will lead to a ban on your account – many publishers have found subtle ways to do this.

Here are some of the tips to increase your CTR:

1. Influence of blog niche

The type of ads displayed on your blog depends on your niche. The more relevant your topic is to your readers, the higher your CTR will be. If your blog is about finance, for instance, you should target users who are searching for mortgages. 

While this type of content is not as competitive as other niches, it will still yield higher CPM than non-related subjects. For example, dating and download websites will have lower CTRs than blogs with social media traffic.

2. Relevance of ads to the content of a page

The click-through rate (CTR) of your ads is one of the most important parts of the quality score. CTR demonstrates how relevant your ads are to the content of the page and keyword used. 

A higher CTR indicates that the ads are relevant to the page, which is critical to maintain the quality profile of your website. So make your content niche related..

3. Templates

There are several great templates for AdSense that you can use to maximize your conversions and boost your CTR. There are also several premium features to choose from, including search functionality, mega menus, and searching filters. 

While choosing a template, remember to consider the CTR and bounce rate of your website’s design to avoid losing valuable traffic. There are thousands of free AdSense templates available online, but only a few have the features and performance that you’re looking for.

4. Weekends

Using weekend times for your ad campaigns will benefit your Google AdSense CTR by about 10%, on average. Saturdays have lower search volume, fewer competitors, and cheaper CPC than weekdays. 

In addition, potential clients are likely to make a quality search on Saturday. And, because there is less competition, your overall cost per new client will be lower, too. Aside from these obvious advantages, weekend traffic can also lower your competition and increase your CTR.

5. Use of Right Keywords

To maximize Google AdSense CTR, start by targeting the right keywords. 

  • These should be included in the headline, the ad description, and the display URL. 
  • Make sure to capitalize these keywords. 
  • Make sure to include the competitive advantage you offer over your competitors. For example, if you’re the best place to buy dog food, mention this in your ad. 
  • Aside from using keywords correctly, your ad should have a relaxing color palette. 
  • Preferably use long tail keywords as they are targeted and only interested visitors search and click such words and interact as they are confident about your site having their targeted keyword.

6. Placements

AdSense users can control the ad placement and size. To make the most of your ads, use the maximum amount of advertisements allowed on your website. Then, make sure to place them in strategic positions. Lastly, remove ads that do not perform well.

7. SEO and Your Site Design

Following are some useful SEO suggestions to improve your site CTR:

  • More completely the SEO of a site is done, more will be the CTR of the site.
  • Similarly, beautiful design of a website will engage more visitors to your site thus increasing CTR and CPM of the ads.
  • Site loading speed is also very important. Slow loading sites will have a higher bounce rate, then faster one, so speed optimize your site to improve user experience.
  • Use images in posts to improve user experience and interest.
  • Using hashtags is also an important method in SEO of a site and it will increase visibility of your site on internet thus increasing visitors.
  • Use of right keywords is also a main part of SEO.

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Cost-per-Mille (CPM)

The Cost-per-mille (CPM) is the rate charged by Google AdSense for each click on your ad. The higher the RPM, the higher your earnings. CPMs vary from country to country, so it’s important to know what the average is for your country. 

Google AdSense pays differently for different content, so knowing how much it pays for each pageview is crucial.

There’s no single way to determine the cost-per-mille of Google AdSense, but you can analyze past data to see how it has affected your ROI. CPM rates are different depending on your industry and your marketing goal. 

For example, higher-quality websites can request a higher rate than those in a niche. But if you’re not interested in conversions, you can pay less for ad impressions.

The net CPM of AdSense ad units is typically between $2 and $3, which is on par with the national average for banner ads. However, those numbers are dwindling. With more websites competing for ad space, the cost per click can exceed $10. 

But how much can you earn with Google AdSense? It depends on many factors, including the number of page views, the number of visitors, and the quality of your website and blog.

Revenue per Mille (RPM)

Revenue per Mille (RPM) is a parameter with which you can know of your earnings per 1000 views/impressions of ads on your site.

Besides the cost of advertising, Google AdSense RPM can also be used as a means to measure the revenue earned by advertisers through their online advertisements. It is a measurement of revenue per thousand ad impressions (which can be used to estimate the value of a website’s ad revenue). 

Generally, advertisers use the RPM method to determine pay rates for ad placements. AdSense tracks impressions and page RPM for both ad placements.

This metric is calculated by dividing the estimated earnings per thousand page views by the number of impressions per page. If your website receives more than a thousand page views per day, your revenue per thousand impressions is higher than the total amount of impressions per page. 

The higher your Page RPM is, the more money you will earn from a single ad placement.

You can improve your Google AdSense RPM with the following few tricks.

  • For one, make sure your page is not cluttered. People who are looking for a specific product or service will not see your ads if your page is too cluttered.
  • you can also boost your RPM by choosing the right color for your site.
  • Make sure your page loads quickly. Your AdSense revenue will depend on this.
  • Monitor your marketing efforts. Do not leave anything out as it may affect your results.
  • Also, make sure you have fixed any technical issues. For example, while you may be working on SEO or content, you might not have thought about the technical aspects. These issues are likely to invalidate your efforts. Common issues are page/ad load time fixes and mobile friendliness.
  • You may want to run an A/B test to see what changes make a difference.
  • Furthermore, to increase RPM, you must have quality content on your site.
  • Improve Ad Viewability by optimizing placements and fixing site speed
  • Optimize Ad Formats and types on your site
  • Apply Header Bidding on your site
  • Engage more Ad Networks for your site other than AdSense. Check out the best 16 Best Ad Networks here with comparison.
  • Good User Experience is of Vital Importance. So improve it
  • Last bit not the least, improve organic traffic on your site.
  • Improve SEO on your site
  • Use Google Ad Manager or other AdSense Companion Tools
  • Increase line height, Use larger font and frequent headings are also important for a great user experience.

adsense rpm

As you can see, there are several different ways to calculate your RPM/CPM. In general, if you want to earn $100 from Google AdSense, you should have 100,000 visitors daily. Google counts page views when it shows an ad. This means that a page with three ad units will get two page views. 

On the other hand, if a user clicks on an ad, you earn $0.20 per click. Ultimately, your CPM is the sum of the click-through rate and the revenue generated per click.

Find more detail on these RPM and CPM here at Google Help Center in Ad Revenue Analytics

Contextual targeting

Contextual advertising utilizes keywords found on web pages to show relevant advertisements that are relevant to the content. This technique can enhance the value of content while reducing user ad fatigue. 

A study by Seedtag and Metrix Quality in 2020 found that contextually targeted ads with rich media tended to earn higher view quality. There are three main strategies in contextual advertising.

Post content condition: The Advanced Ads Pro plugin has a condition called Post content, which allows you to specify keywords for the ad, and it checks for those keywords in the content. You can create complex keyword setups with this technique. 

It is recommended for specific ad positions. It works best with keywords found in the content. Google Ad Manager also supports the URL parameters condition, which allows you to select specific keywords that appear in a webpage.

Contextual advertising is an excellent way to increase your CPM. You can target audiences according to their interests, preferences, and demographics, and the ads you serve are relevant to what the user is looking for. 

If the user is looking for smartphones online, they will see advertisements related to this product every time they visit the site. They may be interested in purchasing one, so they click on the ad and view the offer.

In addition to the CPM and AdSense campaigns, contextual targeting can help improve brand awareness and increase customer retention. Contextual ads are highly relevant to the content of the web page, causing a higher recall rate by users. 

It is also much easier to target advertisers who visit your website based on the content they find on your pages. This is another reason why publishers are switching to contextual


The first step in calculating your earnings from AdSense is to find out how much per thousand page views you generate. You can earn up to $100 per day on a site with 15,000 visitors, 1% CTR, and a minimum CPC of $0.50. Read our article for earning 100$ per day using facebook Ads.

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The CPC and CTR will affect how much you earn, but you should also consider the CTR and RPM coverage rates. AdSense CTR and CPC coverage are directly correlated, and the higher your CPC, the higher your earnings from AdSense. CPC and CTR are both important factors for making a high-quality site, but they are not the same thing.

To get more revenue, optimize your content and CTR for a higher RPM. However, a low RPM can lead to a drop in earnings from AdSense.

The first thing you need to do is identify which keywords generate the highest amount of traffic. Although AdSense will prefer paid traffic, they will still pay more for organic traffic. Hence, you should focus on traffic from high-paying countries. 

The next step is to analyze the amount of revenue per thousand impressions and clicks. AdSense will not pay you for irrelevant clicks.

When evaluating page coverage, you should compare your Google Analytics and AdSense reports. Look for an average page impression of around 1000 page views per month. If you find that page impressions are lower than your Analytics figures, then your ads may not be running.

Changing the page layout can help increase the Ad coverage percentage, and you may end up saving money in the long run. So, check your ad coverage by AdSense and monitor your revenue more effectively.

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