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How does this work?

Our mobile app’s valuation calculator will give you an estimated value of your mobile. 
The calculator will take the data that you provided and will use our algorithm to give you an estimated value. 

Please remember that this calculator doesn’t take average rating and reviews as they count of App store optimization. 

The calculator only takes data of monthly average users and their value and gives u a value count. 

My app makes more that this.

This calculator takes account of app advertiser’s spending and their RPM. it’s not for in app purchase data calculation. A game can make a lot of money through in app purchase than advertising. 
But our calculator only takes account of “potential” ad revenue from admob, chartboost such. 

Can you rely on this calcuator’s value?
Yes: It gives an estimated fair value. 
No: You still need to consult with an digital asset evaluation entity like me to give you a final price. 

Are you planning to buy Mobile App?

Consult with me before buying. I will give you an expert opinion if the app is worth the asking price or not.