How to Increase AdSense CPC (Cost Per Click) in 5 Steps

Last updated on July 31st, 2022 at 11:24 am

  • Official Definition of CPC is as below:

CPC is the cost an advertiser has to pay for a click on his/her ads by the visitor of a publisher website.

increase adsense cpc

To Increase AdSense CPC, you can follow these five steps:

  1. First, decide on the topic and content of your blog.
  2. You can then decide on the location and size of your ads.
  3. Next, manually delete the ads that are not earning you the desired amount of money.
  4. Change the colors of the ads.
  5. Improve CTR and do SEO of your site

By doing this, you can see your AdSense CPC skyrocket.

Lets discuss in detail one by one:

1. Content and topic of your blog

  • The topic and content of your blog are crucial in raising your CPC. Not all topics present the same types of ads, and not all keywords are created equally. High paying keywords and topics are vital to increasing your CPC, because advertisers pay higher rates for those.
  • While Adsense CPC is affected by the content of your blog, not all content presents the same types of advertisements. Hence, you need to include content that focuses on specific topics and keywords.
  • Including these keywords in your blog posts will help increase your CPC. The robots of Google Adsense will scan through your blog content and select only the best ones to show. Make sure to use these keywords as often as possible in your blog posts.
  • Another way to increase your AdSense CPC is to target certain countries. US users are a prime example of this. While an ad click in the US would generate $3, in India it would only generate 30 cents. Following is the maximum CPC observed in the different continental regions of the world. They may have some changes based on CTR or Google Policies.
Sr # Regions Max. CPC (USD)
1 European Countries 0.67
2 US Countries 0.63
5 Oceania 0.59
3 Asian Countries 0.29
4 African Countries 0.28
  • Therefore, it is important to tailor your content for audiences in countries where English is spoken. You can also boost your CPC by incorporating SEO techniques to attract high-quality readers.
  • Check our Articles for best paying niches and best paying countries for AdSense by clicking here.
  • Heatmaps are a valuable tool in optimizing AdSense earnings and increase adsense CPC. These maps track how visitors move through your website, what they focus on, and how they interact with the page.
  • You can use this information to increase your CPC and your overall revenue. A heatmap shows where visitors focus and engage with your site. By improving the CTR, you can optimize the positioning of your ads in these heatmaps.
  • The CPC for AdSense depends on the country your blog is targeted to. Ads in the US can cost as much as $2 or $3, while those in India can be less than twenty cents. To increase adsense CPC, try to target an English-speaking audience. Then, focus on optimizing page rank. Using SEO techniques, you can attract high-quality readers to your blog.
  • Google uses a robot to search your content before it displays ads. If it finds relevant material and important keywords, it will serve you higher-quality advertising. However, high-paying keywords are difficult to rank for, and competition is very high.

2. Ad Size

  • The ad size and ad location are two major factors that determine your Adsense CPC and also increase adsense CPC. Experiment with different sizes and locations to see which ones produce higher revenue.
  • The standard ad size should be around 300×600 pixels, while a smaller ad will be displayed at lower CPC. By making these adjustments, you will see an increased revenue in no time.
  • The size of the ads on your website matters, too. Ad size is the best way to increase adsense CPC, because it attracts more clicks from ad placement that’s too small.
  • Google recommends placing the essential commercial slot in the div tag. Using div points on your site will make your block look better to Adsense robots. Adsense CPC takes time to increase, so don’t expect instant results.
  • While it’s possible to maximize CPC without boosting your site’s traffic, it’s best to optimize the placement of your ads.
  • Using Ezoic, a companion AdSense tool, will help you optimize ad placement. Adsense CPC rates will be much higher once artificial technology is available.
  • Your website’s niche is also an important factor. Different niches will yield different CPC rates.

3. Manually deleting low paying ads to increase AdSense CPC

  • Your CPC depends on your ad units, page views, and keywords. The more you can increase your CPC, the more money you can make. You can manually delete low paying ads from your blog or website to increase the amount of money you can make from AdSense.
  • AdSense automatically serves the most relevant and high paying ads on your site, but this doesn’t always work. If your ads are not being served properly, you might want to try increasing the CPC on those ads.
  • When you delete ads from your site, Google will make a series of decisions. It will serve you ads based on the quality of your site and the type of content you offer.
  • If you don’t want to wait for Adsense to adjust the ads, you can always use the Ad Filter tool to identify low-paying ads.

increase adsense cpc by deleting ads

4. Changing the colors of the ads

  • You may not know it, but a simple change of ad colors can increase Adsense CPC by 40%.
  • Whether this can increase adsense CPC earnings is up to you and will depend on your website testing.
  • While it’s true that you should test your changes to ensure the most success, it’s equally important to experiment to see whether they work.

increase adsense cpc

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5. Click-through rate (CTR) Increase Adsense CPC

  • The CTR (click-through rate) on your AdSense campaigns varies greatly, depending on your content and website. In addition, your website’s topic can also impact your CTR.
  • In a buying mood, people are more likely to click on ads, so ads that relate to your topic are more likely to be clicked. AdSense’s team also mentions seasonal variations in CTR. Here are 5 ways to increase your CTR.
  • Improve the placement of your ads.
  • A well-placed ad unit on a page will produce a high CTR.
  • Make sure that the ads are visible and clickable, so your readers don’t miss out on them.
  • You can also use Google’s heatmap to identify the places on your site where your ads are most effective.
  • It’s also a good idea to revamp your header sidebar to increase your CTR and streamline your AdSense account.
  • Lastly, try changing the size of your ads. Larger ads tend to attract more attention. Therefore, you want to use the largest ads possible and place them in strategic positions. Make sure to remove the low-performing ads.
  • This will help you increase your CTR and boost your revenue. If you want to increase revenue, increasing your CTR is important before you can optimize your advertising campaign. If you don’t have high CTR, you’ll likely end up with no income.

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5.5. On-page SEO

There are several ways to increase AdSense CPC on your web pages, including on-page SEO.

  • First, determine what your topic is and how your topic relates to Google’s algorithm. Then, select high-priced keywords and focus on designing your page around them.
  • Using AdSense SEO fundamentals will help you choose the right keywords and include them in your page’s meta description, title tag, and at least one H2 heading. this will greatly help to increase adsense CPC
  • Choosing high-performing keywords is essential for increasing your AdSense CPC.
  • Choose keywords that are related to the topic of your website, Site Niche, and content. Some of the best Niches nowadays are as follows:
  1. Isurance
  2. Loans
  3. Health & Fitness
  4. Real Estate
  5. Tech & Google Products
  6. Pet Animals
  7. Cryptocurrency
  • You should also study the highest-paying keywords to improve your chances of getting high-quality ads. AdWords works through bidding.
  • The higher your bid, the higher your ads will show up in Google’s SERPS. This means that the more high paying adsense keywords you rank for, the higher your Adsense CPC will be.
  • By optimizing your website, you can increase AdSense CPC by up to 150%!
  • High-quality content will make your readers click your ads. This means higher Adsense profits. The more visitors you have, the higher your CPC. thus more increase adsense CPC will be observed. With on-page SEO, you can make your website more profitable and attract more visitors.
  • Also, consider the features of search result pages and their content material. Several tools exist for keyword selection. These tools help you gather data about which keywords are the best to target.
  • Tools like Semush can be used to improve SEO of your site.
  • Another key to increase adsense CPC is to make your ad units appear only on the pages where the majority of visitors spend time. If you use handwritten fonts on your pages, this style will look cool to some but will be annoying to others. To increase adsense CPC, use standard fonts, like Times New Roman or Arial. These will both improve your AdSense earnings.

increase adsense cpc

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