This course includes:

Google Adsense Arbitrage with Facebook Ads

Adsense Arbitrage Course: Adsense arbitrage is a method where you buy traffic from other advertisers specially Facebook and Taboola or outbrain and sell that traffic to Adsense at higher price. For example, let’s say you bought 1000 users from Facebook at $10, and among those 1000 people 100 or 10% click on your adsense ad. Adsense paid you $0.40 per click. $0.40×100= $40

So you made a total profit of $30 which is 300%. Adsense arbitrage has been around for quite sometime. But recent Facebook cpc cost and low CTR on adsense made it almost impossible. Also fake adsense arbitrage course making people hesitant in this technique. 

But now we are offering an Adsense arbitrage Masterclass where you will be able to make a profit and be financially independent! The sky is the limit!

What you'll learn