Adsense invalid clicks: How to protect your Adsense account + 1 Free Plugin

Last updated on September 3rd, 2020 at 06:16 pm

adsense invalid clicks

Adsense Invalid Clicks

How does it feel after working and investing your time and countless hours into your blogging career and suddenly your account gets banned because of some invalid clicks? Trust me, I know the feeling. But with proper guidelines and proper tools, you can save yourself from Google Adsense violation and invalid clicks.

What is an invalid clicks violation?

Google Adsense pays its publishers in the CPC model. (cents per click) meaning for every ad clicks you can generate from your blog you can make money. But sometimes some cunning publishers hire people to intentionally click on those ads as a result Advertisers in Google lose money instead of leads. Google investigates this situation and ban the publisher from ever using their Adsense. Even confiscate all their hard-earned money before even getting paid.


Do not buy low-quality traffic

Facebook ads

Many people want to grow their blog and also their Alexa ranking. If you are buying traffic constantly then make sure that you don’t buy bot traffic. Many online traffic source use bot traffic to generate their inventory. bots can come to your website and click on the ad. Google Adsense system detects that it’s a bot and can ban your account.

Here are my top picks for traffic source:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Taboola for native advertising
  4. Outbrain
  5. Propellerads
  6. Yahoo ads
  7. Twitter ads
  8. Snap Ads

Worst Networks:

  2. Revcontent
  3. Popcash
  4. Popads
  5. Zoolye
  6. Froggyads

Keep an eye on Bounce Rate

adsense invalid clicks

The bounce rate is very crucial to factor out your audience vs the bots. If you have a very high bounce rate of almost 100% you need to look at the traffic source of your website and also your content. What happens is that if people come to your website and leaves immediately, most probably they are bots.

Don’t put Ads under or before any button

Many people like to trick users by putting ads around a wrapper or a button. When a user try to click on the button they accidentally click on the ad. Unfortunately, they immediately close the Ad. This considered an invalid click. Make sure you put enough spaces between your ad and any kind of elements like button.

Don’t show off your result

Many people like to show off their AdSense earning. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where a lot of jealous people. Sometimes people can come to your website click as much as they can. This will get your account banned. So make sure you say before you think.

Use Cloudflare bot protection

Use Cloudflare bot protection. Cloudflare can protect your AdSense blog and helps to block any kind of Malicious Traffic.


Because of this kind of problem we have created our own plugin to protect our own AdSense. Here’s the plugin



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