Try to click on the ads multiple time. The ads are protected with adsense protector so you can’t click multiple times

Why choose adsense protector


Other Plugins


Per license/ per month

❌ Too expensive
❌ License per site
❌ Not enough Functions
❌ Detecting bot traffic
❌ Blacklisted IP from sources
❌ Doesn’t compile Adx or Native 

Adsense Protector


Per month

✅ As cheap as 1 pizza 🍕
✅ Anytime refund
✅ Unlimited Websites 
✅ 24/7 Email, Live chat support
✅ Bot traffic detection
✅ Lowering CTR for high CPC
✅ Full ad control in admin panel
✅ Click Bombing protection
✅ More updates to come…

Ready to protect your Adsense Account?