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Legendary New York
criminal defense attorney ,
-Vice News
August 11, 2017
Lichtman emerged
as a legal genius
-New York Daily News,
September 21, 2005
Lichtman shredded
the witness
-New York Times,
September 21, 2005

New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

Experience. Tenacity. Results.

- New York Post,
September 21, 2005
defense lawyer
- New York Post,
September 21, 2005

At the toughest time of your life, you need the toughest New York criminal defense attorneys. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman is a full service New York criminal defense firm which has handled – and won – some of the largest and most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and all over the country. Recognized by peers, judges and the media as tenacious advocates for those charged with serious state and federal crimes, we understand that being charged with a crime is perhaps the single most terrifying experience anyone can have and that you need a fighter in your corner to get through it. Through exhaustive pretrial preparation we have managed to get dozens of cases dismissed – including such serious federal cases as RICO violations – and wrecked other prosecutions through meticulous investigations which have revealed major credibility problems with the prosecution’s witnesses. Unlike many lawyers you can find on the internet spouting their own false praise, our New York criminal defense lawyers have a track record of success second to none in the criminal law community in New York City – you can look it up.

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Very few law firms in New York can honestly state that their practice areas encompass all aspects of criminal defense work, state and federal, trials, sentencing and appeals. Most firms have a criminal law practice area – but are also involved in civil litigation which can last for years and require significant attention from members of the firm. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman, we have decades of experience in all facets of the criminal justice system – and just practice in criminal law and criminal law-related civil areas.

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